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  1. Organic Clarified Rice Syrup

    For those people who are sweet lover but afraid of gaining those extra kilos than Organic Clarified Rice Syrup which is a supplement of sugar, is just perfect for them. By consuming this rice syrup, the individuals enhance their stamina and also control their glucose level in the body. As a healthy and organic sugar supplement, it is used for cooking and baking pastries, chocolates, cakes and other food & beverages.
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  2. High Maltose Syrup

    High Maltose Syrup is in light amber color and used as a sweetener in the food & beverage industries. This syrup is extracted from the rice grains that undergoes from the natural enzyme treatment. After the extraction, the syrup is filtered and concentrated into a clean & sweet syrup. The maltose component in this syrup takes about half n hour to digest even the complex carbohydrates. Unlike the other sweeteners, the syrup is slow but prolonged source of energy.
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  3. Clarified Rice Syrup

    Clarified Rice Syrup is a natural sweetener that is best for those people who have sweet tooth but at the same time, they are health conscious. It is a low calorie sweetener which is produced by cooking the rice in distilled water. When most of the water is evaporated, a starch like thick liquid is left which is turned into naturally golden rice syrup. It is a healthy and natural hypo-allergic food supplement whose demand is rapidly increasing worldwide.
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